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20 Gift-Ready Coding Toys

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From Crocodile Coding Robots to Aquatic Child-Friendly Coding Robots

The abundance of coding toys on the market suggests that no age is too early for one to learn the skill. As the digital age progresses, Millennial parents are making sure their kids are ahead of the curb with various educational toys that allude to concepts in robotics, engineering, math, science, and more. This will be extra beneficial for the youngsters as they grow up and enter a job market that excessively relies on these skills as a basis. Naturally, these coding toys are not just all work and no play. The products are formulated in a way that is engaging, with a focus on developing the imagination as well. From Clementoni’s Coko coding robot that is designed for kids ages three and up to the KOOV Educator Kit for children ages eight and up, the market for coding toys proves to be versatile.

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