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Neurological Stimulation Wearables : personal brain stimulator

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The ‘LIFTiD’ personal brain stimulator is an advanced wearable that will help users to enhance their focus and overall productivity in a noninvasive manner. The wearable uses Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), which sends a mild electrical current via two electrodes to a targeted area of the brain. This is reported to be a safe, noninvasive alternative to caffeine, sugar and other performance-enhancing stimulants that often come with negative side effects.

The ‘LIFTiD’ personal brain stimulator works in 20 minute treatments to instantly boost the user’s ability to maintain focus, productivity and overall better cognitive functionality. The lightweight design of the headset means it can be brought and worn just about anywhere, while the affordable price point of $149 makes it accessible by many different consumers.

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